Scope of Work

During the Construction Phase, Silver Fern Siam will:

  • Manage the site on a daily basis, with special regard to the contractor’s quality, timeliness and costs.
  • Manage the site in terms of rainwater run-off and minimizing environmental impact, macro-environmental issues and erosion.
  • Hold regular project review meetings with the development team and Client.
  • Hold regular project review meetings with the contractors.
  • Manage Neighbor coordination on a macro and micro level.
  • Identify potential issues which require early trouble shooting and resolution.
  • Manage the design and any changes or variations.
  • Report regularly to the Client on progress, including marked-up progress on the time schedule, cash-flow charts and photographs.
  • Manage budget updates and financial tracking.

At Completion, Silver Fern Siam will:

  • Inspect the completed works, and write up the defects lists.
  • Manage the rectification of the defects prior to practical completion.
  • Manage the issuing of the As-Built drawings and Operation & Maintenance manuals from the contractor.
  • Issue Practical Completion Certificate.
  • Manage defects during the defects liability period.
  • Manage the final account settlement and the retention monies.